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Live Productions

As of every communicative need we design the best audiovisual production for concerts, TV programmes, congresses and any type of event. We own the latest technology in Full HD, from digital multiplection to fiber optic.

Videos and reportages

With the ability to meet each client’s needs, we create the suitable video: from a customer testimonial for social networks to a TV advertisement. Scripting, production, shooting, editing, graphic design, voice studio, color correction and DVD authoring, Blue Ray and computer files.

ENG Services

We are professionals with over ten years experience in ENG chains TVE, TV3, La Sexta, Aljazeera or TF2. We have the ability and equipment to complete the best service in the industry.


We have the equipment and tools for all kinds of post-production. Since the publication of news design and production of all types of television graphics.


A sample videos of Highvideo

frame ferran adria
Frame frame-MIC17-voluntaris.jpg
frame envejecimiento
frame lebanon
frame eurosport
frame titan desert
frame octocopter
frame clondalkin
frame INC
frame spot junior
frame nicaragua
frame zona de ball tv3
frame dipu
frame consoli
frame ecofuneral
frame polar
frame la caixa
frame martín berasategui
frame i love milk
frame mic tv
frame foodie
frame ed
frame interesados
frame auditori
frame festa cel
frame mibrasa
frame mixta
frame ball-esportiu
frame ivf

About us

storyteller /ˈstɔːrɪˌtɛlə/n: a person who tells stories

The storyteller’s concept is the one of the craft of communication. No story is too big or too small, for each story we use the most appropriate tools. Whether you are facing a large audience or half a dozen spectators, we always show the same respect for the story and for the listeners.


We understand our job like this, we declare ourselves as storytellers, regardless the size of the stories or the amount of audience. What is important is to tell the stories as we know best, choosing the most appropriate tools together with the language we know better: the audiovisual media. For this purpose we use the most modern technologies in the field of image and sound.


Either we broadcast the Titan Desert by RTVE for a large audience or we launch a new product for a small group of executive directors, we always show the same respect for the story and the client.


The need to communicate defines us as social beings and if we excel in communicating, the results will be excellent. Therefore, Highvideo was born to respond to this need.


@Sant Cugat Business Park - Office 10

Av. de la Via Augusta, 15-25 (Sant Cugat del Vallès)

+34 670 024 904 / +34 935 57 10 00 / info@highvideo.tv